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Menopause and Mirena use
lmb333 posted:
I am now 54 and have had a Mirena IUD since 2006. At that time I was suffering from horrendous periods and my gyno suggested either the Mirena or oblation. Since I was newly divorced, I chose the iud.
At first it was great and certainly lessened my periods. And since at the time I was told it was for only 5 years, I went back to a clinic and asked about removal. I was told that they extended the time to 7 years! But lately I seem to spot a lot. Not heavily, and occasionally I will get cramps like the old days, but I will have spotting several times a month. Could this be that the progesterone in it has worn off? I don't have medical insurance and live in CA, so I'm not sure about the quality of the medical advice that I received.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear lmb333,
This is a tough question-because it's hard to tell you a definitive answer. There is no question that some of the progesterone coating the IUD does last beyond five years-but it's hard to quantify. The Mirena is still officially approved for contraception only for five years (you can go to their website for all the official information.) The other question that I would want to investigate is could something else be going on inside your uterus? (like a polyp or something like that)-you may want to check in with your local Planned Parenthood folks-they do a lot more than just contraception, like all sorts of women's health care. And they should be able to do it affordably for you.
Good luck,
Mary Jane