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Is crying a part of menopause???
elilzabeth50 posted:
Hi, I am having a terrible time with emotions now that I am in menopause. I always feel like emotions are right in my throat, and if you look at me wrong I will cry! My doctor prescribed Zoloft, but had some side effects from that so I had to stop. Is anyone aware of anything that I can take to help turn off the water works! My daughter is getting married in about 8 months and I have to get this under control before then!

countrywillow responded:
Elizabeth50, I too have been having a terrible time with my emotions. Every time my Fiance trys to do something good for me as I have just had my left knee replacement and can't do all the cleaning in the house I blow up and cry as if it is an attack on my womenhood. I have never had kids and lost my mom to cancer in 2003 . I miss her so much and wish she was here to help me thru this. I was the only daughter and had 4 brothers. Its driving me crazy and now I am after going throw 6 years of councling for the death of my Mom and then 4 years later the death of my husband at 47 from colon cancer , I have tryed to go forward but thing just keep coming back that make me sad and cry most of the time. I am on cymbalta and it has helped alot you might ask about this one.
memilly replied to countrywillow's response:
the best thing that has ever happened to me is primrose oil recommended by my gyno. i never cry or get butt hurt about anything hardly. it is my miracle and way better that st. johns wort-which interferes with other prescription drugs like birth control for works for ovulation pressure i can still experience and cramps i am 55 if i forget it for a couple weeks i return to a weeping willow again then within taking it for another week to two i am better again Wonderful good luck
ps i still menstruate every 3 or 4 months and the primrose helps with all symptoms its good for young ladies too
but i don't know about this if you are on an antidepressant check with your doctor or pharmacist
memilly replied to countrywillow's response:
being sad is sometimes hard to deal with if you feel out of control. i swear by primrose oil but do make sure if you are taking an antidepressant to check with your doctor. i think its a wonder supplement, recommended by my doctor. you won't even notice it has worked till you don't take it for a couple weeks and your sadness and anxiety returns. then it will take effect again in couple of weeks of returning to reg dosages again
i love it good luck i certainly works for me and i don't take drugs at all. it's natural

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