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Premarin and lady parts.
Anon_160335 posted:
I am 69 and I am not sexually active. Does Premarin cause dementia? I use it external for a year and now and I am afraid to use it after reading on the insert that comes with Premarin that it can cause dementia in women over 65. I know women can lose some of their "parts" if they do not use Premarin. Could you explain all of this for me? Thank you.
rhondamay responded:
My understanding is that premarin or estrace creams applied directly to your lady parts is not absorbed into your bloodstream in amounts that can negatively impact you. It just helps where it is needed most to prevent vaginal atrophy and dryness.

Good luck!

Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to rhondamay's response:
Dear Rhonda,
You are correct; the absorption is small, and most women can do very well with them.
Mary Jane
Cheyenne2009 responded:
The insert that comes with Premarin mentions that after the age of 65 women can get dementia. Doctors do not want you to question them about it. I also have read on a medical sight that if you rub Premarin on external or in insert you still get the same amount of Premarin. I wish we would be told the truth!