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    My hot flashes are driving me crazy! I have tried soy, progesterone cream, adrenal health and nothings working. I have a large fibroid so i'm nervous about hrt. I don't want a
    rboyles posted:
    hysterectomy. Any suggestions?
    someonewhocares3 responded:
    I first want to mention that fibroids don't require a hysterectomy. A surgeon skilled in myomectomy can remove just the fibroids leaving the uterus intact. But many gyns either don't have the skills or recommend hysterectomy because it's generally more profitable. Of course, if the fibroids aren't causing debilitating symptoms, there's no need to treat them. If you ever want to pursue having them removed, the non-profit HERS Foundation - - can help guide you in finding a reputable surgeon skilled in myomectomy.

    Since estrogen can feed fibroids, it seems reasonable to be concerned about taking estrogen. Of course, estrogen also increases risk of endometrial cancer which is why it's critical to take a therapeutic dose of a progestin along with it. I wonder if the proper ratio of P to E would also keep the fibroids from growing. Also, keep in mind that some foods are estrogenic (soy included) so these could feed your fibroids.

    Hope you get some relief soon!
    Boston508 responded:
    I will say that nothing really works on my hot flashes but I am able to manage them. I take Black Cohosh, do yoga and drink a glass of cool water when I feel a hot flash coming. It always sticks in my mind - cool the hot flash from the inside. Soy seemed to make it worse. My fibroid did strink during menopause. It is gone now.
    menopausecoach responded:
    Did you have a saliva test for your adrenals and/or your hormone levels? It is critical that you know your hormonal ratio's especially when treating with estrogen or progesterone. Progesterone creams can and often will build up in your subcutaneous fat cells and over time can create symptoms of deficiency, aka menopausal symptoms.

    Addressing the adrenal glands is extremely helpful but is better done with proper testing and specific whole food supplementation, life style changes, stress reduction, and, of course, proper nutrition.

    In my opinion, HRT and/or hysterectomy is a bad idea, neither solve the problem that your body is screaming for. Find the cause, solve the problem!
    clipper1956 responded:
    I'm 55 yrs old,I also have 5 fibroid tumors that are golfball size and have known about them since the sonogram before my daughter was born who is 12, and she planted herself in the middle of two of them. (What a miracle). I take black cohash and have taken it for 12 years and it helps. The hot flashes were so severe in the beginning for about 10 years that they would come on and last about 30 minutes and flush my face and ears so bad it would burn. They are starting to be less and less for the past 2 years where they only come on quick and leave as fast, and I break a sweat and then if it is cool, I will get cold now. The hot flashes are worse than the pms and heavy periods I used to have. I tried everything and I don't take hormones but without the black cohash they are worse. Good luck and I hope yours do not last as many years as mine have.
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to clipper1956's response:
    Dear Clipper1956,
    Depending on how crazy the hot flashes are driving you, you could consider low dose hormonal therapy. Estrogen and cohosh seem to work by different mechanisms for hot flash relief, so you could consider it. A low dose of estrogen is not too likely to stimulate your fibroids (although you do need to keep an eye on them). Of course, you could also try a low dose SSRI or SNRI antidepressant, that wouldn't stimulate the fibroids.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
    kruscheekie responded:
    I was like you and tried everything to control my flashes and all the other funky symptoms that come with menopause and to no avail. I was on black cohosh, evening of primrose oil, vit E, red clover leaf, etcetra etcetra. I actually went to a gyn appt at a military base and asked for HRT's which I tried to avoid but I also spoke of my reservations. I was sent to a herbologist married to one of the docs and was put on this herb from Peru. This turned me around. The site where its available is

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