sex and too loose down there !?!
Anon_235568 posted:
I am 52 yrs and perimenopausal - for several years now. Do not have regular sex partner, and my infrequent encounters over the past couple years have left me aghast with the changes in my body. I do not have problem with dryness... AT ALL... believe me... but everything seems fine up to the point of actual intercourse.. and it starts out fine -- feels very good at the beginning.. but then seems my vagina opens up to the size of the grand canyon, and it's impossible to have any friction.. and I get embarrassed thinking... what the heck's going on down there??? I'm hesitant to enter into any sexual activity thinking that my body will betray me.. ... What's going on??? and is there anything that can be done about it??? Never had this problem except for the past couple years... HELP!!!
Rhondamay responded:
You can try doing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and these are the muscles that are greatly used and abused during childbirth and seem to weaken with age. One benefit of doing Kegel exercise is that it helps to improve sexual pleasure by making the muscles stronger and can also help with incontinence.

This is done by clenching and holding for a few seconds the muscles you use to stop urine flow when peeing. Several sets of these several times a day can really help. You will see improvement in a few weeks.

I had a friend that tried some cream that she bought on line that was supposed to tighten her. It was just a scam.

Good luck,