Menopause and lack of sex drive...
ChacoRose posted:
Hi, Ladies! I'm 54, had a partial hysterectomy years ago and am in active menopause.

My dr. did give me a premarin-type cream because of pain during intercouse, which has been helpful.

Libido-wise, I had suffered a decrease. However! Kegel exercises have changed all that for me. I started out doing them three times a day (10 holds for 10 seconds, and then 30 fast squeezes) but now I just do them once a day (whenever I get in the car, that's my reminder to do some). Also, if I'm expecting a little Hop on Pop action soon, I start exercising that muscle - it brings blood to the area, and starts me thinking about it. I'm amazed!

At first it felt like it wasn't going to work, but I stayed with it. I started experiencing fulfilling orgasms again, and even felt frisky :D

It's a great investment in my husband's tenderness towards me to initiate regular sexual activity - he's having his own age-related sexual issues. We laugh a lot together, and just do whatever works. :) We've been married 35 years now, and it's still getting better.