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reverse menopause??
ChristyS510 posted:
I just past the well known "year mark" of not having a period, which is supposed to mean ur IN menopause officially ( Is there medication, or fertility Dr's that could possibly reverse it enough to allow another cild, or is this just wishful thinking??
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello ChristS and welcome!

You're asking a really good question. I'd suggest that you talk to a fertility expert, such a reproductive endocrinologist. They may have options such as surrogate eggs (if yours are no longer viable), and perhaps a surrogate to carry the pregnancy if needed.

Hope your doctor is able to give you some options that will help you have another child.

Let us know!

Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Christy,
It actually depends on the "cause" of menopause. For example, if a young woman goes through chemotherapy for a while, and loses her period, it is possible that it would come back on its own, and she may well regain her fertility.
You didn't mention your age. If you went through menopause at a sort of typical age, (say between 45 and 55) it would be very unlikely that you would be able to conceive on your own, even with hormonal help-the eggs just don't work, in general, at that point. However, if you are in great shape (not overweight, good blood pressure, etc), then you might be a candidate for pregnancy with donor eggs, which could be arranged through a specialist in infertility.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Byroney!
I looked at Christy's question first and answered, without reading your comments. I agree completely!
Mary Jane
ChristyS510 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Dear Dr Minkin,
You actually hit the nail on the head. Two 1/2 yrs ago i had, what i thought was a hard to rid cold. But after several Dr's, and ER visit, not to mention numerous antibiotics, it was finally discovered that my wbc count was onl 1.97! It was originally diagnosed as neutropenia, first came th neupogen shots(extremely painful). Then in January 2010, the diagnosis "LGL (large granular lymphocytic) Leukemia. I took prednisone, and the was given an oral form of chemo call Cytoxan...100mg/day, this is all on top of diabetes I and i have a right coronary stent. I have no idea what condition my eggs are in, i do have an appt w/ my endo soon, guess i can ask her...Thanks for ur response!
KNBurris responded:
Hi ChrisyS510,
Be sure to include a Fertility Acupuncturist and Herbalist during your quest for having a child. Many western science labs from an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) can give you the feeling of doom and gloom after having been amennorhea for 12 months. In my practice I have been able to help women with FSH levels as high as 61 get pregnant and have healthy babies. A great resource to finding a fertility expert with Acupuncture and Herbal medicine is through
Good luck!
Kristen N. Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M.
Eagle Acupuncture
Fertility, Women's Health, Menopause and Anti-Aging Expert
ChristyS510 replied to KNBurris's response:
Thanks so much for that helpful info. Ironically since i posted that question, just in the past week, i was feeling kinda funny, just for kicks and giggles, i did a home pregnancy test....positive. To be sure, i did another (better brand) test...positive. But, blood test said negative! I'm extremely down about it.
Also, at last check, my FSH level was 73 (
I just have one question about all these specialists, what kind of health insurance would you need to aquire these specialists, i will have medicare come Jan !, 2012, currently have Keystone Mercy (medicaid)?
Thanks again,

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