Anon_172447 posted:
Is there any OTC medication that can be use for BV. I can't afford to make a doctor's visit? Thank you.
rhondamay responded:
I don't think there is any over the counter meds that will help with bacterial vaginosis. You need antibiotics to combat this and at least in the U.S. they require a prescription. You might check with the local city or county health department or Planned Parenthood.

Good luck!

Anon_160335 responded:
No medication for BV OTC.

Are you sure it is BV? Do you have a doctor that you have seen in the past that might call you something in over the phone? The worse thing they can say is no.

If you have used a doctor, would he/she let you pay something monthly to pay the bill off?

Is there a free clinic in you city?