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Endometrial lining normal thickness
pianoaes posted:
I hae been taking a phytoestrogen each day by the Vitamin Shoppe brand. It has helped with hot flashes! My GYN says it is "unmeasured estrogen" and i should stop taking it if I can. I AM NOT BLEEDING AND NEVER HAVE IN MENOPAUSE. My last test said my eendometrial lining was 3MM. WHAT IS THE NORMAL SIZE RANGE OF ENDOMETRIAL LINING PLEASE. My phyto estrogen product has soy, black cohash, wild yam and don Quai in it. Would greatly appreciate your guidance. thank you in advance.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Pianoaes,
Sounds like you are doing well. I too get concerned when women are taking products with potential activity to stimulate the lining of the uterus, which certain plant estrogens can do-and you've done a very reasonable test to check: the lining of the uterus should be less than 5 mm; so at 3 mm, you're fine.
I would encourage you to report any bleeding, if you get any, to your gynecologist.
Hope you stay feeling well,
Mary Jane