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clonazepam prescription plus Walgreens sleep aid to sleep
justmejust posted:

I am 50 and in menopause. I have trouble getting to sleep and getting back to sleep when I wake up. I take prescription clonazepam for my mild anxiety, and over the counter Walgreens brand Sleep Aid to help me sleep at night. I try to take one or the other, and try to go without when possible.

Does anyone else have this sleep trouble?

someonewhocares3 responded:
I had a hyst at age 49. Prior to that, I had no sleep problems. But afterwards, I had the same issues as you. I couldn't fall asleep and when I woke up (every 2-3 hours), I had trouble falling back asleep (would usually take close to an hour). I also had suicidal depression and anxiety. This was while on an inadequate HRT. Once I got more estrogen into my body, my sleep improved greatly (as did my other issues). Now I sleep well most nights - fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Although I'm much less active (lost interest in most things post-hyst), I need more sleep now - close to 9 versus 7.
justmejust replied to someonewhocares3's response:
Thank you someonewhocares3

I will ask my dr. What is HRT?

darlyn05 replied to justmejust's response:
HRT is abbrev. for Hormone Replacement Therapy. I had sleep problems with perimenopause and still now with menopause. Anxiety level was very high during perimenopause, I think it was more so linked to the events in my life. In Nov. 2010 I had an endrometrial ablation which of course as you know does Wonders for the wavy menstral cycle. It's like the new partial hysterectomy I guess. Afterwards I still experienced some of the emotional trubulents of peri & menopause. Things have gotton much better for me in those regards. I do not take HRT's, I modified my diet and lifestyle to help ease the symptoms.
justmejust replied to darlyn05's response:
Well thanks for the explanation. What modifications to your diet and lifestyle are helping your sleep?
ruthie4747 responded:
I am taking exactly the same thing but have been on clonazepam for years. I am 53 and continue to battle with fatigue. Tried hormones but seemed to make me sick. Any advice?
justmejust replied to ruthie4747's response:
Sorry you are tired. Are you also having trouble getting to sleep like me?

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