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Has anyone tried Estroprin, PLEASE, I feel desperate
MelFLNative posted:
I see a natural product called estroprin, has anyone tried this brand?
darlyn05 responded:
Have you done a search on WebMd's site to further your information cncerning the drug/herbal supplement? Even if you did, consult your Dr before you begin any supplement intake.
Jadeyw responded:
I have not used Estropin before. Was just doing research on remedy for hotflashes myself and stumbled onto.

I am not sure what your symptoms are but it sounds like you might be going thru depression, anxiety, etc? I just heard about this through a couple of energy healers and the reviews sounds pretty impressive. I ordered a bottle yesterday. BACK is a very reputable naturpathic solution to alot of emotional issues. If you can't wait to get it in the mail, you might like to stop by WholeFoods, PCC or any of the wellness store.

I used to be in depression, loss of memory/fogginess and despair. I got myself out of it through energy healings. I try not to take any western prescription drugs.

Good luck to you Fellow Angel.

julieareimann responded:
Yes, I've gone through 3 bottles, and I'm getting ready to order more. It took about 3 weeks of taking it, but my hot flashes are totally gone, and before, I was getting about 50 per day. I've heard your body can work up a tolerance, so it might be good to change it around from time to time.
marialuli replied to Jadeyw's response:
what does your energy healings consist of...?
Debtinkerbell replied to julieareimann's response:
I also have hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety attacks. Will this help me too

Romashka14 responded:
I just started taking it (3 days) and have developed some vaginal discharge... can't quite call it bleeding but some blood-containing "liquid". Have to add, I currently have horrible flu so may be the discharge is virus-related, although less likely.
An_252183 responded:
Please don't waste your money. Try Amberen they have a support system and a phone number that Estrorin does not supply for their customers. Also, there is no guarantees for their products on their website. You are better off choosing another company.
harmonized responded:
Yes, I have tried it and have been taking it for 3 months and have ordered the next 3 month supply. I have noticed that the night sweats have almost stopped, I do not get as many hot flashes during the day. I have also noticed that my mind seems to be sharper and my memory better. I would recomend this product to every women going through menopause.

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