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Amor Vie is not the answer
sullycann posted:
I saw the advertisements on tv for this treatment and thought it would be the answer. I want to report to all women out there considering this treatment. First of all, the lady in the Madison/Huntsville, AL office is really pushy about getting clients to take treatment and sign up for the "free" financing option. This treatment costs about $3000 for a year (includes four implants at intervals). The financing is free for six months and then they add on the rest of the balance every six months. This was a surprise to me and I am not usure why they do it this way. Another thing I have encountered is that when I really needed to see the doctor (I am not sure what field these doctors are certified in---their certificates in the office do not specify) I was not able to get an appointment for two weeks. I felt like I was just left to deal with my symptoms alone. The implant process HURTS very badly. They numb your hip with novacaine or some injection (this is the part that hurts) and then poke a hole in your hip to drop the pellets in. I want all women to know the type of service you will be getting with this company. I have been a patient for six months now and I do feel some better, but I have side effects. I have had excessive facial hair, major moodiness, acne. The plus has been that I have more energy and an actual sex life again. I really wish that I had had this advice and information before I committed my money and time into this program. There is no real info that I found prior to going in, especially the cost of the program. It has been a very expensive mistake on my part. The program may work great for many women. After all, there are not many options for menopausal women and I don't think OB/GYN doctors always help women suffering. The sad thing about Amor Vie is that there is no exact dosing in this treatment. Patients fill out a form each time and circle the level of each side effect. The doctor and nurse take this information to determine the amount of pellets to implant. Patients could end up with too much or too little, depending on how her body responds to the hormones. If you end up with too much, you have to wait it out and suffer the side effects until the level comes down. Ladies, just be aware of all this info. I was like you---I wanted a cure-all treatment. It just has not been worth the expense so far.
nycitygirl75 responded:
I was considering this treatment for two years now, I'm glad I waited, thank you for your post. I've been fighting with Hashimoto's for 6 years now. I feel like I'm losing my drive. I've experienced lost libido, engery, hair on my scalp and it's been difficult to deal with weight gain, heavy periods, hyperpigmentation on my upper lip,and worse of all increase in facial hair. I feel like I'm literally watching myself turn into man! I saw the commercial and thought to myself that this may be the answer for me. However, I think I might just have to find a good Endocrinologist or a Homeopathic doctor who will listen to me and actually let me do the talking. I've been searching for 6 years no luck yet. Good luck to you in your quest for health.
Anon_6061 replied to nycitygirl75's response:
Sullycann - Since you have Hashimoto's are you on thyroid meds? If so, I wonder if your dose is too low since you still have so many symptoms. Also, some find that natural dessicated thyroid meds give better symptom improvement than sythetic (Synthroid).

I thought Amor Vie concentrated more on estrogen and testosterone replacement. A good endocrinologist should be able to treat your Hashimoto's.

Some thyroid websites that may be helpful are:
LolaLu responded:
I LOVE MY PELLETS AND EVERYONE AT THE MADISON LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, its pricey, but me its well worth it to feel great......I just finished my first year, and will start back for a 2nd.

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