Literally shriveling up and aging from the inside out
sandhya60 posted:
I never had kids, and I have been menopausal for 4 years now, waited another 3 before having my pap, whats the use??
Now I am depressed more than ever..My uterus and ovaries have shrunk down to nothing to where even doing a pap does not make since any longer, tissue is converting to normal tissue rather than mucus tissue.

The Dr. was training a new NP and said to her.."You will notice the cervix has shrank and retracted so its to difficult to do an actual pap, and notice the conversion of mucus tissue to smooth tissue" "If you compare her to other women her uterus and pelvis appears to be about 62 to 65 years of age"

I'm 52
Okay..I AM DEPRESSED............not because I didnt have kids, but that the saying is true, use it or loose it, and apparently I am now older inside than out...
I really dont like this getting older thing...
rhondamay responded:
It isn't fun what you are going through but there is hope and things you can do to make it much better. Vaginal estrogen comes in several forms and it will reverse the atrophy you are experiencing. There are several creams with different dosages that work well and also vaginal rings that you insert for 3 months. I have used both and they help so much. Ask your doctor to prescribe them. HRT gets a bad rap at times but it helped me maintain my sanity and sex life through menopause.

Good luck,