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Medication Combination
WhatupWithLifeAfter50 posted:
I take a ton of supplements - Glucosamine for my creaking knees, Fish Oil, Vitaman E, Vitaman B, Calcium supplement w/ Vitaman D and a multi vitaman.

Prescribed meds - Synthroid for 20 years now. Anti-depressant for 20 years now (Effexor). Adderall for ADD for 6 years now. I don't take the adderall every day - only when I need to really focus on a task at hand do I take it. Lo Estrogen Vaginal Cream for about 1 month now. Amberen for about a week now.

My main complaint has been the weight issue - so hard to lose anything which is why I decided to try the Amberen. Now I am experience the insomnia more often and dizziness for the first time. Actually thought I had vertigo the other day it was so bad. Is the combination of meds I am taking causing some of my issues? Or, can you suggest which meds should be looked at with this combination?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear WhatupWith LifeAfter50,
Good question, hard to say. One question: have you had your thyroid levels tested recently? If not, I would check-levels can vary, and could affect your symptoms. Dizzyness is not a classic menopausal symptom, so I'd look to other explanations there.
As the weight issue: alas, women do tend to gain an average of 5-8 pounds as we go through menopause. Good news is that it tends to be one perimenopausal event-it's not an annual event once we go through menopause. But certainly keep up the exercise and good nutrition,
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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