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"radiating" before hot flash
juniorold posted:
I almost always get a radiating sensation - not exactly painful, but odd - across my chest, down my arms and legs before the actual hot flash starts in. My doc said she didn't know what it was. ( I also get a rapid heartbeat most of the time.) Does anyone else get this or know what it is? Should I be worried?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Juniorold,
Although this weird feeling may well be related to your flashes (with the release of body chemicals called catecholamines that can be released with the hot flash) you do want to check in with your primary care provider, who may want you to consult with a cardiologist, just to rule out any cardiac problems. It is indeed likelier that these unusual sensations are associated with a flash, but do make sure the heart is OK,
Good luck,
Mary Jane