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unexpected bleeding after 2 1/2 years of no period, but I am on tamoxifen
1lostinspace posted:
I was wondering if anyone in menopause for a while has all of a sudden gotten a period or spotting that won't go away ? I know being on tamoxifen could result in uterine cancer and I have had a biopsy that came back fine, the Dr. said come back in a year for your annual ? I'm perplexed, is this normal ?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear 1lostinspace,
From your post, it sounds like you are continuing to bleed-am I correct? it may well be related to your tamoxifen. One possibility is that you could have a polyp in the lining, which may not have been picked up by the biopsy; another test that could be done is a sonohysterogram, looking for polyps. So if all your bleeding is resolved, great-but if you are continuing to bleed, do check in with your gynecologist to see if (s)he thinks you would benefit by further testing.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
1lostinspace replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Hi Mary Jane, yes I still bleed a little, not a lot but it is annoying, I also have noticed it is more after intercourse, I think I will call my gynecologist again, just to be sure.
Thank You
lisameek1963 responded:
had bleeding after sex, for 11 days, went to obgyn had a pap and biopsy, they both came back normal and he said i was thru menopause and im 49 does not know what caused bleeding
shandwilson replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
I am 38 and my lmp was 7/26/12 my husband and I was very active in July after my June cycle and August after my July cycle during my fertile days. I have been feeling tingling in my breast for the last month and I have been having hot flashes not normal, moments of dizzy spells & periodic sickness, I took 3 urine pregnancy tests they was negative. Not able to get to the doc for a few wks. I've had abnormal periods in the past but I was not sexually active then. Can I be premenopausal, over weight or stressed? My husband and I are trying to have more children. With my older children the pregnancy wasn't detected unit I was 2 to 3 months along. Can you help me?