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Menopause and lack of sleep
kevin1000 posted:
Kinda looking for suggestions for my wife. Since the onset of menopause she has been having a hard time sleeping. She might sleep for a couple of hours and then be up for several hours before failing asleep just before the alarm.

Are there any specific drugs or other methods to help her sleep?

Thanks in advance
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Kevin,
It's good to hear that you are concerned about your wife. First of all, does she have a health care provider that she feels comfortable with? That's crucial for her going through this time. If she wants to try over the counter approaches, you might encourage her to add some soy to her diet, and as far as products, she could try Icool (composed of the active ingredients from soy, so called weak plant estrogens) and black cohosh (the product Remifemin is a reasonable option.) They also make a product called Remifemin good night, which has some "sleep Herbs" in it, which might help her. If she is still having problems, encourage her to speak with her health care provider; there are many remedies, both hormonal and non hormonal, which could help her.
Good luck, and thanks for your concern for her,
Mary Jane