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Pre menopause
An_247779 posted:
I am 51, have not started menopause yet....but I have been bleeding for a month straight, is this normal before starting menopause? I have gone to the doctor and they think i am in the beginning stages of premenopause. they have prescript medroxypr, to stop the bleeding and help my cycle to back to normal. Is this really going to help my cycle? Is bleeding for a month straight normal before pre menopause? Don't know what to that part of menopause too...hehehehehehehe. thank you.
Sams71 responded:
I, too, had a 33 day period.. Started out normal, then just spotted for the rest of the month. I went to my GYN who did all kinds of tests, ultrasound, blood work, etc. It was all normal so it was determined that this was a perimenopausal symptom. My doctor had me use a progesterone cream for 3 days which stopped the bleeding. That was the beginning of my cycle being totally irregular!! I have a suspection that this is not going to be fun!!
I was 50 when that happened. I'm now 51
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to Sams71's response:
Dear Sams71,
Sounds like you and your doctor ruled out "weird stuff" in the lining of the uterus which could contribute to the bleeding (which was the right thing to do). This type of bleeding then indeed sounds like it's related to not ovulating well, and making a good amount of progesterone, which is truly the policeman of the lining of the uterus. The use of progesterone is totally reasonable. The problem is that this is rarely a "one shot" deal; it will be an ongoing issue; so you may need to used the progesterone periodically. If you are a good candidate for birth control pills, that is an alternative option.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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