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How long will this last?
An_247785 posted:
My periods have been irregular for a year now. I am 51. At first I was excited about being perimenopausal and thought I would just buckle in and hold on for the ride... Yeah... not so much. Hot flashes, weight gain, Irritablity-- no make that ANGER for no reason. My kids now poke their head in the kitchen and ask-- "are you the good mom or the mad mom?" My laid back, devil may care attitude is gone. Now I am consumed with anxiety, thoughts of death and dying.Every new symptom is a sure death sentence. I dont even know ME any more!!
I have my doctor on speed dial! I sit and cry for no reason (as I'm typing this for example). It seems like everything that used to be a minor ache is exagerated ten fold. I get headaches. (never used to) I crave chocolate CONSTANTLY!! Lately my muscles feel weak and shakey like they aren't working. HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST??? I had two periods in july and two in August. The ones in August were both very heavy, (I bled through tampons) but only lasted two days. Two weeks later I had the exact same thing happen, Heavy, but only two days. Julys were both spotting for 3-5 days. I keep a "period" calendar so I can readily track this nightmare from hell. WILL I EVER BE NORMAL AGAIN????
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_247785,
Do see the response to SAMS. Are you in good health and not a smoker? From your symptoms, it sounds like you'd be a good candidate for a low dose birth control pill; it would level out your hormones; the problem in perimenopause, which can last for a while, is that although the hormonal levels are drifting downwards, they do go up and down; and the pill will level things out.
So do talk with your health care provider about that as a possibility.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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