menopause and birth control
pinksuzy posted:
I am 52 years old I have been on birth control for over thirty years. I have been told to go off my birth control and my cycle will stop is this true I do I know I am ready for menopause and what do I do for protection do I even need to worry about protection My doctor says to use condoms for six months we really do not want to do that what do you think?
MKissFL responded:
After 50 your risk of stroke and / or heart attack increases dramatically with birth control use. I went off it after age 50. I will tell you I now have some vaginal dryness, and need to use KY lubrication during intimacy. When you go off the birth control, you will likely allow your body to go through a natural menopause, and you do want to use other forms (my husband had a vasectomy years before) of birth control until you have gone the magic year without menstruation. I also know I am losing some of my "umph" and experiencing the first stages of aging in arthritis.

You will need to decide for yourself - is the intimacy with your husband and protection worth a stroke or heart attack? It's a pretty severe price to pay for the harmone benefits.