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Is it menopause?
forgetful88 posted:
I am a 42yr old & a little confused, but accept it....

Okay. I had lab work done last week for TSH, FSH, & vit D. I have only 1 ovary (other removed due to complex cycst). I have tested positive for High Risk HPV six months ago & had my second pap done (don't know resutls yet). When I went in for my pap the gyno told me that I am NOW going through menopause. My FSH level was 58.1 . My last cycle was Aug 17, 2012, still waiting on it to make an appearance.

Now my TSH is being supressed due to graves/hyper 20yrs ago. I know my TSH level was below .01, which is fine because I no longer have symptoms.

So what does it mean if my FSH is that high?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear forgetful88
It does sound like you are PERImenopausal; not fully menopausal (premenopausally, the FSH is below 20-25). To say someone is fully menopausal, you need to be a year without a period. So you could get a period next month; skip one, get two in the next month, etc; very unpredictable, alas. The pap smear results are most likely not related to anything to do with ovarian function.
Good luck, hope all gets resolved for you well.
Mary Jane