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Menopause Symptoms
MikiDee posted:
The women in my family have a history of reproductive system cancer and early menopause. Well, the ones who haven't had a hysterectomy due to cancer have all gone through menopause starting in their 30s. Both of my sisters had hysterectomies, as did my mom, after diagnosis with cancer. I have had no abnormal paps (thanking all that's holy), and began experiencing menopausal symptoms two years after my twin daughters were born. I was 34 when i started the symptoms; I'm now just shy of 46. Today I didn't have a hot flash or anything out of the ordinary, but came very close to fainting. I wondering if it could have been another symptom of menopause? Lately, the symptoms have been gaining strength. Has anyone else experienced the shakes, coldness, and general weakness with their menopause?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear MikiDee,
Women certainly can report all sorts of unusual symptoms with menopause. You certainly could try the usual remedies used to help hot flashes, and see if they help.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
b13whidden responded:
I feel for you. My symptoms started in my mid 30's as well. Most of the literature talks about hot flashes and night sweats (which I have). But I am also having the symptoms you've listed. I've spent most of today feeling faint. I also feel shaky (both internally and externally) and get the chills. Most recently I have had episodes where my heart rate speeds up. Each time a new symptom appears I check in with my Doctor to make sure it isn't something else. Just saw him today. I'm currently seeing a cardiologist for the rapid heart rate and so far nothing negative has shown up.

I wish that more literature was available on these more unusual symptoms.
MikiDee replied to b13whidden's response:
thanks for commenting on my post, b13whidden. while i can't claim severe symptoms like some women experience, i can and do get concerned about the ones i am experiencing. i've never been one to have difficulty sleeping, and now i'm not getting the sleep i've always taken for granted. because our family does not have medical insurance, i tend to keep doctor visits to a bare minimum (bless our family doctor - he charges very little for appointments and keeps our prescriptions to as few as possible - he, too, is a believer in natural remedies where possibe). consequently, i don't keep him updated as to what i'm going through as much as i probably should. we're going through foreclosure right now (i'm fighting it wicked hard), so i have to wonder if any of the newest symptoms are due to the added stress or are just more fancy decorations on my menopause cake?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to MikiDee's response:
Dear MikiDee,
Often it's hard to know if it's the perimenopause making the stress feel worse, or the stress making the perimenopausal symptoms fell worse. Good luck on all the stressors you are experiencing. Certainly, good nutrition and exercise are good for stress and for perimenopausal symptoms.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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