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I want to cry all the time
Rayaluv posted:
I am confused, frustrated, forgetful and I look so old!
I need a group of women who understand.
I had a doctor put me on replacement hormones when I had never even missed a period, I bled for 110 weeks and ended up having to have a endometrial biopsy.
I had a crazy wonderful sex drive and now I feel numb.
I want to scream and cry...
How do I begin accepting these changes, I have become obsessed with how iI look, I hate how shallow I seem.
UGH! Any words of advise would be wonderful.
Ziasfusion responded:
hi, i completely understand...i cant stop crying either and dont know what to do about it. i just had surgery so am in a medical menaopause, blammo. h
Anon_6061 responded:
Well you look really good in your pic so if it's current and you haven't photoshop'd it, you can rest easy LOL!!

But I do know how you feel! I'm in surgical menopause hell! I went from a vibrant, sexual, very youthful looking woman to an old, asexual hag in a matter of months - talk about shocking and life-altering! My appearance has changed so much that I avoid going anywhere. Don't know how I'd even function without estrogen.

Was your endometrial biopsy negative? Are you off hormones now?
noor333 replied to Anon_6061's response:
OH Honey, I PRAY PRAY PRAY you feel better so soon. I can relate to some of your suffering...if you read my post you will know you are not alone. If you would feel better with some suggestions my friend sitting here had for us...we would be glad to share.

God's Blessings, Peace & Love be with you! Breathe Deep!
noor333 responded:
Hi Rayaluv! You are not alone...I can't write much now, but lots of love and I PRAY Peace be with you<3
Rayaluv replied to Ziasfusion's response:
Thank you so much, just feeling not alone is a huge help. <3
Rayaluv replied to Anon_6061's response:
Omgosh, thank you! It is recent and not photoshopped so I appreciate your comment!! And I feel your pain, I can't believe how much I have changed.
Negatives yes, the build up was caused by hormones I should never have been taking, I have a much better and caring doctor now.
Hang in there! I am going to start back exercising for one! If I can get myself out the door Email me if you need to talk xoxo
HUGGG!!!!! ~raya
Rayaluv replied to noor333's response:
done!!! I am starting back at exercising for one thing and my doc wants a full blood work up to see whre we are now that I have been off hormones for a few months. I am taking this in hand and dealing with it. That control helps some.
Bless you and thank you!!! xoxox ~raya
Rayaluv replied to noor333's response:
kiss! thank you!!!

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