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so much mind body & soul suffering...I pray for help & support
noor333 posted:
Honestly, everyday I suffer from so much frustration, anxiety, depression and pain. I have been in menopause about a year now; however I was struck down and bedridden for about 5 months from last January. I went to a myofacial release therapist and she kept pushing me to do exercises...well I now have a walker, wheelchair, cane and comode...I also had an autoimmune disesase called urticarial vasculitis, at times very intense pain in my knees, hands and wrists, and as well I hsave fibro myalgia, herniated discs and 12''s of a damaged nerve in my back. Well along with hardly being able to walk now I have inflammation that many major drs.whether they be a traditional or alternative dr. i can' t go off the predisone or my body will go into shock or i could possibly die. Well my husband who is at times helpful and the rest of the time a royal pain in my... did a good thing and researched that predisone(steroids) is like the worst possible combination for stress and anxiety while being in menopause....Need I say more....I used to be so upbeat and the only thing that keeps me from the many many bouts of tears is trying to have as much faith as i can muster and Hugs and Love. I'm so sorry if you were able to read this far don't want anybody to hurt as a result of my life challenges...Of course I would appreciate some loving support and prayers...I truly love being a nice and good person...most of my friends have their own lives so I feel pretty alone and trying my best to pray and if i can i try to count my blessings...Thanks for listening!!! PS I just started bio identical (natural) hormones balancec to my body needs...but I have to endure for atleast 2 wks. for them to take effect. So if you are either empathetic, compassionate and or with a good sense of humor in a loving way...feel free to respond. God Bless you and yours<3

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