Early Menopause
taxlady78 posted:
I am still in shock. I am 34 years old and had my FSH and Estrodial checked because I haven't had a period in 2 months. They told me today they believe the I am in pre menospuse. How is this possible? My FSH is 51.5, and from what I am reading, that is ovarian failure. Is there anything that could be causing this that isn't necessarily PM? I have mild hypothyroidism, but I just had it checked and it was fine. We have not had any children, obviously we have been having problems conceiving. They are sending me to a fertility specialist, but I am feeling like all hope is lost. Anyone else been throught this? Any advice? Any natural supplements I should start?
Anon_6061 responded:
I'm sorry for your tentative diagnosis - that would be shocking and disheartening to say the least! This website may be helpful -
http://ipofa.org/information_center.asp. Click on the "Information Center" on the sidebar on the right. Best of luck to you!