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Breakthrough Bleeding
hilarysbecker posted:
I have not had my period since April 2012. All the bloodwork I had done says that I am definately in menapause. My estrogen levels were zero. I started on the Combi Patch 1 month ago. The hot flashes have almost gone away which I appreciate however, on thursday of this week I started bleeding and now it seems to be a full blown period. Is this normal and how long is this going to last.
lolanap responded:
From what I read and have experienced so far it sounds like this is normal. My last period was July 2012 and I had hot flashes in August and September and now they have subsided. Yesterday I got what I thought was the beginning of a period but it lasted just a few hours and now is gone.

I am finding that I am experiencing alot of symptoms that I never had before, I guess every woman is different. From the various forums I have been on there are many woman that don't have periods for years and then have one for no reason.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear hilarysbecker and lolanap,
You both are doing very normal uterine and ovarian activities. Until you go a full year without a period, all bets are off as far as having another period. Now of course, using what we call continuous combined hormone therapy (daily estrogen and daily progestin) one can get a sort of breakthrough bleed; from what you are describing it sounds like regular ovarian activity. Alas, the period also resets the clock-so you have to start counting a full year from now, as far as saying you are fully menopausal.
Good luck,
Mary Jane