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pregnant or menopause?
boo2071 posted:
I need some advice, I am worried that I might possibly be pregnant. Although it is possible, I feel that it is improbable. I am 41 years old. I just had my second child December 2012. My husband and I had sex on Oct. 7th, my period was due to start on Oct. 11th. No period came this month. While I have taken 4 EPT, all have come up negative. But Im thinking it might have been too early to test. However, I am also wondering if I missed my period due to pre menopause. Im so confused, and worried. I should not have been ovulating at the time we had sex. My periods have been regular for the past nine months since we had our son. Any ideas, help, or support?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear boo2071,
If you had sex on October 7, you should have a positive pregnancy test by now-it's two weeks since you would have conceived; your health care provider can order a very sensitive blood test for you to check. However, the question I will pose to you is do you want to be pregnant or not? if you don't want to be pregnant, I wouldn't have unprotected sex-like relying on the rhythm method, because at age 41, you can start ovulating weirdly, not on a regular rhythm. If you don't want to conceive, something like an IUD might be an excellent method for you-you don't have to think about it, and as a new mom, the less you need to worry about the better.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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