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Sore Nipples
An_248562 posted:
I am 61 and have been gone through menopause 10 to 11 years ago. (Although I know some of the symtoms never totally go away. I still sometimes have power surgees that leave me drenched). Just in the past severa; of days I have begun having extremely sore breasts and very tender nipples. Sometimes just bumping my breast with the side of my arm is almost unbearable. There is really nothing I can take since I am a bad candidate for HRT because my 61 year old sister ddied from breast cancer about four years ago. I have my annual mammograms, and despite the pain, I have examined my breast, but feel very little change. I will have to wait to go to my ARNP on Monday to get it checked out.

I've done a bit of research because I am a litle freaked out because of the rapid onset of the pain. I have checkef info on IBC and fibrocytic breasts, neither of which have the symptoms that I am having, with the exception of pain.

Has anyboby gone through anything like this?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_248562,
It would be unusual to get some spontaneous ovarian activity now, but not impossible. I think you are doing exactly the right thing is seeing your ARNP, who will examine you, and will probably do a mammogram and/or ultrasound, too.
As far as fibrocystic pain, I'm a great believer in keeping down caffeine, and trying a few vitamins: vitamin B6, 100-200 mg a day, vitamin E, 200-400 units a day, and evening primrose oil, 2 capsules (500 unit capsules) per day.Does seem to help many women.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
An_248938 responded:
evening primrose oil capsules work wonders for sore nipples
and the best of health to you!!