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Hormone Patch
Didi59 posted:
I am 53 and had a complete hysterctomy almost two years ago. I have been on the hormone patch for almost two years. I love it! It
has been the best two years of my life. I don't want to go off the patch
in fear of going back to the person I was before.
This is how the patch has helped me. No hot flashes, no loss in my
sex drive, no mood swings, not emotional and no vaginal dryness. I
am actually better on the patch than I was before. I did gain about ten
How long can I stay on the patch? Also, I have one patch left and my doctor can't see me for a week. What will happen to me if I am off the patch for a week?
Anon_6061 responded:
I'm glad the patch works for you. I guess you must have had some pretty severe gynecological problems to be feeling better without your parts. The patch was a "failure" for me. It gave me great vaginal lubrication but NO libido and little to no response. It wasn't enough systemic estrogen either - I was a total mess while on it. Other forms of estrogen give me better systemic coverage but not the vaginal lubrication. Very odd!

I also had a complete hysterectomy and wish I could turn back time. No estrogen replacement has restored my pre-hysterectomy quality of life and sense of feeling normal. I don't even look the same because I aged overnight after the hysterectomy.
Didi59 replied to Anon_6061's response:
This is very odd that the patch works for some and not others. I am on Vivell Dot .05mg. I want to stay on it because I am doing so well, but I am afraid of certain side effects that it may cause with long term use. I am also afraid to go off of it in fear of what I may become. Catch 22. I guess different things work for different women. My only complaint is that my skin is dry. I keep my face and body moisturized. I found this oil at Walmart that has several essential oils in it and it smells good. I put it all over my body and face at night before bed. The name of it is Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. You can find it in the shampoo section. I hope this helps!
Anon_6061 replied to Didi59's response:
My skin got extremely dry (and saggy) after my hysterectomy too. My hair also fell out. Did you lose any hair and, if so, any suggestions for that? Thanks.
Didi59 replied to Anon_6061's response:
My skin got dry, but not saggy. Not yet anyway. My hair did not fall out. I use 2 Tbls. of Organic Virgin Coconut oil mixed with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice on my scalp once a week for nourishment. I exfoliates the scalp and moisturizes it. It will help your hair grow better. You can check with your local grocery store or at a health food store for it. My husband thinks I am silly for putting all this stuff on my body. But it helps. I look like a grease pit by the time I get all that stuff on me.

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