no period for two years
MissPrissy52 posted:
My period stop about two years ago , but now I'm starting to spot and bleed. Is this okay or is there something going on that I need to see a doctor about?
jaxgirl1952 responded:
You should see your doctor. I had this happen to me so I had a pap, pelvic exam, ultrasound and a uterine biopsy and everything was fine but it is good to make sure. Those symptoms should not be ignored.

Take care.
Byrdie responded:
Get it checked out. Just in case...... Just in case....just in case....
Anon_6061 responded:
There have been other women who've posted here who started bleeding (spotting or full on period) after menopause. It's oftentimes just hormonally triggered and nothing serious. But, yes, you should have it checked out just to be sure.