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Perimenopause. HELP!!! BLEEDING AGAIN!!!
An_249121 posted:
I am 42 and started with a hot flash at 40 that felt like my head was a tiki torch! I have night sweats, hot flashes, fuzzy headed, moodiness. I went to 3 different doctors, after uterine biops and 5 ultra sounds was finally told I am in perimenopause. I have been using dr lees progesterall and it seems to help. My issue is the bleeding....this month I had my regular period, spotted for a week or so then started another period. All in all I bleed for 24 days. Stopped bleeding 7 days ago, last night and this morning I am having bright red bleeding again! I do smoke, (no lecture needed!!!) Besides that I am very healthy. I am having relationship problems and have a very stressful job.....IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THESE ISSUES??? GOING CRAZY!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_249121,
A few options to think about. If you could stop smoking, you could be a candidate for low dose birth control pills which would probably regulate your bleeding. Another option would be progesterone therapy (prescription progesterone)-you could get micronized natural progesterone in a prescription form from your health care provider, if you preferred that form; or a synthetic progestin might help, as well. Again, if the bleeding is the major issue, insertion of a Mirena IUD or even a uterine ablation might be helpful.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
bootskty replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
After this post it became horrible with clots and massive bleeding! I visited my gyno and because of the last 5 ultra sounds he thinks its fibroids and a thickened lining. Doing advil to slow the bleeding (its working) January will do another ultra sound and go from there.
Still trying to stop smoking but OH MY is it hard!!!
Thanks for your reply.