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hollaback posted:
Um! Is there a cream or something that can be used everyday for JJ dryness? A type of cream that may help put the moist back. And maybe. Just maybe. After using this cream on a day to day basic. It may help to increase moisture in the area. Now~ we know what rear I am talking about. So I will say again. When I am thinking of sex. I get a good sensation down there. And I become moist. I can actually feel the moistness. But after the thrill is gone. There is not quite as much moisture. I am 48 and I must say. I do enjoy having sex.
rhondamay responded:
Estrace Cream and Premarin Cream are estrogen containing creams that are designed specifically to combat vaginal atrophy and dryness. Both are prescription and both are low dose estrogen designed to place the hormone is placed directly where needed most and very little gets in your system. I am sure there are others. I have had no luck with over the counter moisturizers.

Good luck,

rhondamay replied to rhondamay's response:
Sorry for the bold print. I don't know how that happened.

Anon_6061 responded:
Replens is an over-the-counter long lasting vaginal moisturizer that may be worth trying.

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