stopping and starting
An_249244 posted:
I stopped my period in July of 2011. It just started again this morning out of nowhere. Should I be concerned ? Is this "normal" ?
Anon_6061 responded:
Some other women here have posted about post-menopausal bleeding and Dr. Minkin replied. You can probably find these posts via a search by filtering on discussions that include expert content.

It's always recommended that post-menopausal bleeding be investigated. An ultrasound of the uterine lining to check its thickness is generally the first step. I know a number of women who had post-menopausal bleeding. Some had normal lining on u/s and required no further testing (or treatment). Others had a thickened lining and required an endometrial biopsy. However, in the cases I know of the biopsy was normal. And the bleeding was "chalked up" to some ovarian activity which can happen after menopause especially in the early post-meno years. Hope yours is nothing serious.