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what can I do?
jef52 posted:
On my left breast the tip of the nipple is sensitive when something rubs against it. What can I do for this? Concerned
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear jef52,
Nipple discomfort is a reasonably common problem, as you can read on these posts. Obviously, you want to make sure there is nothing wrong with the underlying breast tissue, and you want to make sure you've mentioned this to your health care provider, and it gets investigated. Once that is resolved, a couple of thoughts. Some women do just have some superficial irritation, like an eczema type condition, and some topical cortisone cream can be effective. If it is related to underlying fibrocystic breast changes, which it can be, I recommend my "sore breast cocktail": keeping caffeine levels down, and taking some vitamin B6, 100-200 mg a day; vitamin E, 200-400 units a day, and evening primrose oil, 2 capsules a day. That often times will help.
Good luck,
Mary Jane