Spotting after Menopause
MsSueBowie posted:
I'm 56 and my last menstrual period was 6 years ago and I have never taken any HRT. About 3 weeks ago after sex, I noticed a small about of blood after sex. I brushed it off. Tuesday while after wiping, I noticed dark brown blood on the tissue paper. And a few time Wednesday. None of the episodes I have to wear a pad. Right before my 50th birthday because of the size of my fibroid my Gyne kept suggesting that I have a hysterectomy but my period stopped. I have an appointment scheduled for the Gyne on Saturday. I am scared!
Anon_6061 responded:
Don't be scared; it could very well be nothing serious. But of course it should be checked out. Glad you were able to dodge the hysterectomy. Also, in case you didn't know, a surgeon with myomectomy skills can usually remove just the fibroids leaving the uterus intact (kind of like removing growths elsewhere in the body).

Some other women here have posted about post-menopausal bleeding and Dr. Minkin replied. You can probably find these posts via a search by filtering on discussions that include expert content.

It's always recommended that post-menopausal bleeding be investigated. An ultrasound of the uterine lining to check its thickness is generally the first step. I know a number of women who had post-menopausal bleeding. Some had normal lining on u/s and required no further testing (or treatment). Others had a thickened lining and required an endometrial biopsy. However, in the cases I know of the biopsy was normal. And the bleeding was "chalked up" to some ovarian activity which can happen after menopause. Hope yours is nothing serious. Please let us know what you find out.