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    hot flashes/night sweats
    pjl525 posted:
    I am 53, had a complete hyst. at age 36 due to endo., was put on premerin. recently took myself off of the premerin due to my age. Although the night sweats and hot flashes have been with me throughout the years on premerin, they are currently 10 fold being off. I wanted to try something over the counter however I also have a Thyroid Goiter which seems to limit alot of what can be taken. any suggestions?
    Anon_6061 responded:
    That sounds absolutely miserable! For me, hot flashes were the least of the symptoms of surgical menopause although I haven't gone off estrogen. The depression and anxiety did me in!

    I don't know much about OTC menopause remedies but it seems that women without ovaries tend to do much better on an Rx estrogen even after the typical natural menopause age. If you were in natural menopause, your ovaries would still be producing some estrogen along with testosterone that is converted into estrogen by your body as needed.
    ASPROSE replied to Anon_6061's response:
    so i have a question. i am 39yr. i had a complete hyst in 06. and well i have not been with a man since then until like the other day. ok and well i noticed that i was very very dry. and it was totaly embarresing... i was on hormone replacement for about 6 months in 06. but that was it. but no one ever told me there will be any problems other then hot flashes. which those can get pretty bad but... is there anything that i can do to fix that dryness problem? not only at those moments. but i know thta there is stuff like KY and such but if i happen not to have it with me. i dont want to be embarressed again...i want to be prepared... so is there anything i can do to fix my dryness?
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to ASPROSE's response:
    Dear ASPROSE,
    Alas, it sounds like you are experiencing significant vaginal atrophy. The good news is that this is totally reversible. One can always use lubricants like KY; but there are also longer lasting things called moisturizers, which can be very helpful; something like Replens is available over the counter. You use it 3 times a week, and often will work quite well. If that doesn't work, you could certainly use vaginal estrogens (you'll need prescriptions for those). Available as vaginal tablets, creams, and rings-2 weeks of vaginal applications, and you should be in very good shape. You use the tablets or creams daily or every other day for about 2 weeks; then you can usually space things out to twice a week, and you should do well. So do not despair, this is a straightforward problem to fix-
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
    Pausing responded:
    Pausing With God is all about you! How are you going to navigate through this season of your life. We have been told about puberty, menstrual cycle...but what about Menopause?[br>
    -- [br>In All You Do...Don't Forget to
    Pausing replied to Anon_6061's response:
    Pausing With God is all about you! How are you going to navigate through this season of your life. We have been told about puberty, menstrual cycle...but what about Menopause?[br>
    -- [br>In All You Do...Don't Forget to

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