39 yr old in menopause 10 yrs
Shaleh posted:
New to the board, bear with me please

I had a total/radical hysterectomy at age 29 for ovarian cancer, necro ovary & severe endometriosis. It's a long story.

I've had a few Ddimer test (spelling) come back positive for blood clots but after all the scans, etc. .. no clots surfaced. During my last scare earlier this year, the Dr. removed me from all HRT until my Ddimer test was normal.

He just started me back on HRT the past few weeks and while my night sweats and hot flashes have slowly gotten better, I've noticed that my mood is more grumpy than usual.

How long before the HRT gets regulated? I am on estraidol pill 1mg 1x per day. Before I was on the patches and premarin, both made me gain weight.
Anon_6061 responded:
I bet that was pretty unpleasant having to go without HRT for all those months! From my experience and what I've learned about HRT, it can take some time for your body to make up that "deficit" from being without estrogen all those months.

And it's possible the symptoms are the result of your body adjusting to taking estrogen again. Fluctuations can cause just as many symptoms as deficiency. These can be minimized by a slow ramp up in dosage when starting HRT. It seems like you should be pretty much past the fluctuations at three weeks.

Also, different types (e.g., conjugated vs. micronized estradiol)) and delivery routes (e.g., oral vs. transdermal) work differently for individual women. If you had merely switched from one type of estrogen to another in a "dose equivalent" without a gap, three weeks would have been about sufficient to know if the new one was "right" for you. But having gone without for so long, it will likely take a bit longer. And it's possible that you'll need a higher dose (2mg is the highest dose tablet).