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Birth Control & Perimenopause
Doodler posted:
I am 45 and in April my dr. put me on birthcontrol to help regulate my cycle. I had my tubes tied at 35 so I cannot get pregnant. I have had no pproblems until this week. I started bleeding and it's still a week until I am due to start my period. What should I do?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Doodler,
It's unlikely to be anything worrisome: my guess is that your doctor, appropriately, put you on a fairly low dose birth control pill; and on low dose pills, it's not uncommon to get what we call breakthrough bleeding. So keep taking the pill, daily-and go to the next pack at the appropriate time. If the bleeding occurs again next cycle, do let your doctor know, so that (s)he can perhaps change the pill to something on which you will not experience breakthrough bleeding.
Good luck,
Mary Jane