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The Reason for the spotting post menopause
MsSueBowie posted:
I seen my GYNE yesterday. My Pap Smear was normal and the transvaginal ultra sound was ugly. The fibroids are causing the bleeding. There is one the size of an orange. The choices are hysterectomy or UFE. I prefer the UFE, but my mother and sister suggested having hysterectomy. The both of them had the procedure in the past. I am relieved it was not anything too serious.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear MsSueBowie,
Sorry to hear about the fibroids, but they certainly can cause bleeding. For the folks who are unfamiliar with the term, UFE refers to Uterine Fibroid Embolization, which is a non surgical radiologic procedure, in which the blood vessels that supply the fibroids are localized, and clotted off, so that the fibroid is starved of it's blood supply and it shrinks. It is a reasonable option-some gynecologists do recommend it, some do not. Unfortunately, many women do get significant cramping after the procedure, which is not surprising, given that your fibroids are losing their blood supply. But it can save you a surgical procedure. And it should be helpful in controlling the bleeding. So do discuss it with your gyn, to help guide you.
Good luck,
Mary Jane