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jossie59 posted:
I'm so glad to see I am not alone. I get hot flashes,one kind is so intense it make my blood pressure go up high. Very scary. I have other things that go on, Somethime I think I am going crazy. I get feeling like things around me don't seem real. Or I am in a fog state. Please tell me if there are others that have simular feelings. I can feel a balance going at certain times of the month. Help!!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Jossie59,
I'm sure you will get some responses from a lot of women going through these symptoms. Hot flashes can do a lot of strange things to women; some women do find their blood pressures going up, some women get palpitations, some women do get very anxious.And there are other causes of hot flashes besides menopause, but menopause is certainly the biggie. If you are getting persistent aggravating hot flashes, and conservative remedies are not helping you, do seek out a health care provider that can help you with medications. Very few women have an absolute contraindication to hormonal therapy, and if the hot flashes are really aggravating, do consider that as an option. If you need to find someone near you who is a certified menopause clinician go to the website of the North American Menopause Society's website,; among the helpful things on its website is a list of menopause practitioners around the country.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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