An_249633 posted:
Although I have not visited a doctor..( just recently got insurance)..I know that I am in Menopause...Here is the deal..I have never felt so awful in my life...Insomnia, Horrible night sweats, crushing depression, Joint and body aches, I cry all the time...and no matter what I do regarding my weight ...I keep GAINING weight...even though I have been working out...

My self esteem is in the tank...I don't recognize anything about my emotional person...I could go on...Just understand that everything thing that is awful about Menopause...I am experiencing.

Thank you in advance...
Anon_6061 responded:
I get it! I had all those symptoms and many more after a hysterectomy - worst day of my life! I became suicidal - never had depression before. Estrogen cured my depression and helped all my other symptoms although I'm still not the vibrant, outgoing, sexual person I was before my hysterectomy. Are you considering HRT?