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Can a BP drug cause Menopause ??
cupcakegirl posted:
I am 47, recently started taking Losartan for high BP. I have now missed my period and started having hourly "hot flashes", day and night. There is noooo chance of pregnancy. My last period was very painful and longer and heavier than normal. Is there any chance that this BP drug could bring on Peri/ Menopause ?? Anyone have any thoughts ?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cupcakegirl,
I think it's unlikely that the losartan is leading to the hormonal changes; 47 is a reasonable time for women to start into perimenopause, so I think it is more coincidental than causative. Now one other possibility: estrogen can cause blood vessels to relax a bit; and as you are entering perimenopause, it may be that your blood pressure is going up secondary to the lowering of your body's estrogen level. But I think it's unlikely that the losartan is the culprit here.
Good luck,
Mary Jane