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menstrual ycle
An_249855 posted:
I am 46 years old. I have not had a cycle in the last 3 years. started taking HCG, a weight loss substace 9 days ago. I have noticed in he last 4 days the beginning of a cycle. also recently started high blood pressure medicine in last month. Have taken HCG before without this happening.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_249855,
I must confess I'm not a big fan of the HCG diet craze; I have heard all sorts of tales about different misadventures occurring, including vaginal bleeding. Biochemically, there is a similarity between the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which is made by the pituitary gland and is one of the hormones involved in making us ovulate. Technically, if one is fully menopausal, it shouldn't make you bleed, i.e.-if the ovaries are totally "pooped" out. So if you are noticing vaginal bleeding, I would report it into your gynecologist, and I would evaluate as I would any postmenopausal bleeding episode, with an ultrasound, or a sampling of the lining of the uterus.
Good luck,
Mary Jane