perimenopause treatment
An_249885 posted:
I'm 48 and have had premenopause symptoms of occasionally skipping 1 to 3 months of my period, weight gain, etc.

Recently, I skipped 2 months, then have had a long period of bleeding, 7 weeks now. My doctor gave me birth control pills, but after 7 days on them, I'm still bleeding. When should that bleeding stop?
tracyl420 responded:
I am 48 to I have the same ? I went 7 months with out my period and now am bleeding hmmmm
Anon_6061 responded:
Maybe you need a stronger med to stop the bleeding. Not all meds work the same in everyone including hormones. Hope it stops soon.
Anon_6061 replied to tracyl420's response:
This can happen during the years leading up to menopause - missed periods sometimes for months on end or even more frequent periods, heavier bleeding, lighter bleeding, shorter periods, longer periods - anything goes during peri. Of course, you'll need to restart the clock for counting to the one year mark of no periods.