Hormone replacement therapy and smoking
njkath posted:

I am 40 years old, a smoker and I just had a complete hysterectomy. I've been putting off using my hormone replacement patches due to the risk of blood clots because I smoke. However, I am experiencing terrible night sweats and hot flashes, and I really need to start using the hormone replacement. Is it safe for me to smoke e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) while on the hormone patch? Is it the nicotine that poses a risk for the blood clots, or is it something else in the cigarettes? I would like to start taking the hormone replacement right away, but realistically, it know it will take time for me to quit smoking.
Anon_6061 responded:
Sorry to hear about your hysterectomy. I had one too and it's been a hellish ride. I don't know anything about electronic cigarettes but transdermal estrogens (such as patches, gels, creams) have lower risk of blood clots than oral.