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Hot Flashes but Still trying to get pregnant
Nathal1e posted:
Hi, I'm 36 and currently having hot flashes. They are really bad and come every 10 -15 minutes. I am trying to get pregnant. I had my menstrual cycle last month, afterward the hot flashes started. I haven't had my cycle this month yet...its late. What do I do? I can't stand these hot flashes, I can't sleep because I get so hot as night. That is the only symptom I have as far as menopause or perimenopause is concerned. What should I do? I am seeing a fertilty specialist but don't know if I should see her now or just try to wait for the menstrual cycle to start again. I don't want to wait...I need help, answers..something. Thanks.
Anon_6061 responded:
You could be starting peri-menopause even though you're on the young side for that. Have you by any chance had a full endocrine workup to check for an endocrine abnormality such as a thyroid disorder? Thyroid problems can cause hot flashes as well as infertility. Best to you on conceiving!
Nathal1e replied to Anon_6061's response:
Hi Anon_6061. Yes, I did have a workup done by an endocrinologist and she stated that I was going through menopause...that my hormone level suggested that I was mid-menopausal. She never mention any thyroid problem and my fertility specialist also did a work up and suggested the same but since I still get my menstrual cycle (though it is less frequent) that I am still able to try to conceive (though it might be more difficult). I was pregnant in October but I had a MC. Afterward when I did get my menstrual cycle, my hot flashes began with a vengeance.
Anon_6061 replied to Nathal1e's response:
I'm sorry about the MC! Best of luck to you!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to Nathal1e's response:
Dear Nathal1e,
A couple of suggestions. I would get a pregnancy test; pregnancy tests these days are pretty reliable, pretty early-so do see if you are pregnant. You certainly could add some soy to your diet; it might help with the hot flashes. You also didn't mention if you were on any fertility medications; they also could make your hot flashes more bothersome.
Please do stay in contact with your fertility docs; they do need to know how you are feeling, to give you good guidance.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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