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    Relief from hot flashes
    cuppie07 posted:
    Hi ... I am 50 years old. My last period was in October of 2011, so approximately 15 months ago. I have had my thyroid tested ... it was 1.8 and my dr told me it was in the 'normal' range. This past December, I was prescribed Trazodone to help me sleep as I had not slept through the night in over a year. Since I started taking the Trazodone, I am sleeping better. I still have nights that I will wake up but I am able to fall back to sleep right away instead of being awake for several hours. Hot flashes are my biggest problem ... they do happen during the day but intensify in the evening. Occasionally, I do have night sweats. I had a dr appointment scheduled in February and I was informed last week that my dr has some sort of illness and has retired so now, I am in the hunt for a new dr. I'm sure her remedy would have been HRT. I am leary of HRT because of the side effects. I am looking for suggestions if anyone has some to offer ... thanks!
    cheaptrickfan responded:
    I've had luck with an OTC product called. Remifemin. You have to take it for awhile before it kicks in. It does help lessen the effect of hot flashes but won't take them away.I've used it off and on for the last two years. Currently I'm not because they're nf as bad as 2 years ago. Everyday I take One A Day Menopause Formula vitamin with soy in it. That seems to help too.
    cuppie07 replied to cheaptrickfan's response:
    Thanks for the suggestions ... I think I will try the One-a Day first and see if that helps.
    Brandybrat responded:
    Due to the many side effects of medicines I have always tried alternative solutions to alleviate health problems. Something that helps me fall asleep and/or fall back to sleep is listening to books. They are available free at your local library and also to download on their website. Yoga and meditation has also helped me. There are books on these subjects to check out free at your local library also.

    Hope one of these suggestions work for you.
    balrawashdeh responded:
    I was having the same problems, dealing with this for three years now. My son went on line and found I COOL, it takes a like while to get in your system but for 8 months I did not have a hot flash thank God, I sure you can relate, however they came back. I went to have accupuncture, which if I could afford I would do monthly, and he ask how I had been and what anything new I told him other than the bad hot flashes about the same. We he did change where he placed the needles and did some diffierent messaging, well I can say that I have slept better than I have in years, have not had but three hot flashes in over 6 weeks. You may want to check it out, just make sure the have a good reputation. It has helped me god luck beacuse I know how you feel.
    saintsgirl62 replied to balrawashdeh's response:
    I will be 51 soon. For 5-6 months I was experiencing extemely heavy periods. Druing that time, I started getting nightsweats on a nightly basis, then very bad headaches at the onset of my cycle. In October my doctor prescribed Lysteda for the heavy flow. It was almost like a miracle drug for 2 months, besides the sweating and little sleep. Then I started having light flowing again two days after my cycle ended for another 5 days and the nightsweats got progressively worse. I put a call in to my doctor two weeks ago. I was put on a low dose estrogen patch. Yes, I'm leary about it, but the sweats have have eased up some and I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep instead of 3-4. However, late last week I got a call from the doctor's office to go in for a consultation to possibly schedule a D&C. I'm not sure what to think of this. He's concerned about the bright red bleeding I'm having after my regular cycle has ened.
    geni55 responded:
    Hi, you might want to just try black cohash or something with the soy. I had night sweets so bad I had to buy a plastic mattress cover and was usually changing my sheets nightly. I did the HRT for several years since the products with cohash made me very sick at my stomach and the soy product I was taking was discontinued
    Most of the OTC/ Holistic has the black cohash as an ingredient and that is what my Dr recommended initially. If you do have to do the HRT, start off with the lowest possible dose. The acupuncture / reflexology are things that you can try too, but please make sure the office is reputable or you might end up with bleeding or an infection
    And while the night sweats and 'power surges' are a pain, the no periods more than make up for them.
    Best of luck!
    LouisianaLady replied to balrawashdeh's response:
    My friend takes COOL and I took Brevail for a few years and I recommend it to everybody. It's only available at some Health Food Stores and I think you can get it at Whole Foods. I did some research and it's all Natural. Go on-line and check it out.
    saintsgirl62 replied to geni55's response:
    I tried the tea and it helped for a while, but it didn't sit to well with me as well as the soy. I made changes to my eating habits, hoping this would help. It didn't. I've never been a junk food junkie and prided myself on eating relatively healthy. I guess the body is going to do what it wants no matter how hard I fight this perimenopause aggravation. Oh, I would deal with the night sweats a lot better if it was just that and not the periods along with them. Isn't it great being a woman?
    tamefing responded:
    I tried acupuncture (no effect), Remifemin (after a while it stopped working), and an ayurvedic diet (no effect).

    Eventually a friend told me she drank nettle tea every day for hot flushes. I tried it and it worked. I drink one cup a day. It stains your teeth a bit but I get them cleaned by the dentist twice a year. I've been taking it for a year. If I stop taking it, the hot flushes return.
    keister4 responded:
    I have found a product called flash fighters at vitamin world,they have really worked on me.Since i started taking them a year ago,i raely have any night sweats or hot flashes.My biggest complaint is i am constantly tired and i can not find anything to help that??any suggestions??
    keister4 replied to tamefing's response:
    try the flash fighters at vitamin world,i have taken them daily for a year and rarely have hot flashes or night sweats..
    Dashman responded:

    Cuppie I read your post and it could of been wrote by me, I am going through the same exact thing..........Boy the 50's are going to be fun! I don't know if I would rather have my periods back or continue being bombarded with these bolts of heat that over come me that are impossible to hide from those around me due to the fact I have turned 3 shades of red and sweat is pouring down my head, neck and body.

    I have done allot and continue to read hoping to find a miracle treatment to rid of these hot flashes once and for all but this far no luck!

    I have done BHRT which reduced the hot flashes as well as other symptoms by 90%. BHRT was so expensive; the cost of just the blood work alone was a few hundred dollars. For some reason my doctor at the time said this blood work could not be submitted to my insurance company. I simply quit treatments after a few months I could no longer afford the product, doctor appointments and further lab work.

    I then went to our local health food store to try a similar product but didn't even have close to the same success with the results. I also tried PhytoEstrogen made by Solaray; this did not work at all, a waste of money.

    I try to eat healthy, allot of soy products, salmon, fruits and mostly vegetables. I do love my chocolate and from I read sweets can trigger t flashes Ugh.....why does being a women have to be so darn difficult!

    So please Cuppie if you find your miracle answer Please send it to me.....We can get through this!

    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to Dashman's response:
    Dear Dashman (and all folks who are looking into "bioidentical" issues,)
    There are products available from regular gynecologists and regular pharmacists which are indeed bioidentical. All of the transdermal prescription estrogen patches and prescription gels (like Divigel and Elestrin) are indeed "bioidentical" and plant derived-so you really don't need to pay extra to go to a compounding pharmacy; and these prescription meds should be covered by your insurance. You also can get bioidentical natural progesterone: Prometrium is bioidentical micronized natural progesterone and there is a vaginal gel called Prochieve which is the same thing. So you do have a lot of prescription options available, many of which may be less expensive than some of the compounded substances.
    And you really don't need very much blood work done-(if any)-so if you do want to go back on hormonal therapy, it probably could be done through your insurance more economically.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane

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