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menopause itching
An_250416 posted:
My outside personal area has become much thinner and extremely dry. It makes me constantly itch and so dry it seems it feels as though I tear when I get physical with my husband. It makes me not want to do anything with him. Anyone know how to fix this, I want a normal relationship again.
Anon_596 responded:
The only thing that comes to mind is an estrogen cream from your gyn or you could research to find a natural moisturizer.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to Anon_596's response:
I would agree-I think the likeliest thing to help would be a prescription estrogen cream from your health care provider. There is a bioidentical estrogen cream called Estrace, which can significantly help the dry tissue. If that doesn't help, and you still have discomfort or itching, then you need to followup with your gynecologist to make sure there isn't something other than dry tissue as the problem-but the likeliest explanation is dryness secondary to the lack of estrogen in the tissue.
Good luck,
Mary Jane