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NuvaRing and high blood pressure
missjennifer1966 posted:
I am posting this here because I got no response in the Women's Health section. I have been on the ring for over 2 years because of heavy bleeding. I feel if I do not have it in, I will bleed profusely. A doctor I saw recently said I should not be on Nuva at all, much less no week-free, which is how the doctor prescribed it originally (when I tried with it out for a week, the bleeding became heavy again). She said because I am not 22 and have hypertension (been on clonidine for 8 months, but have had high blood pressure for years), I should not be on Nuva and she wants me to try Depo-Medrol. I am not sure which doctor to believe. I do not want to have hypertension continually (the clonidine keeps the systolic low, but the diastolic still runs in the 90s usually), but the Nuva really helps. I do not want to go to the ER for heavy bleeding. Should I try the Depo?
missjennifer1966 responded:
I meant to add that I am 46 years old, will be 47 in September. I was diagnosed as being perimenopausal some years ago.

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