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Light period after removing Nuva
missjennifer1966 posted:
Hello. I took out my NuvaRing last Tuesday, 03/05, and I started my period Sunday morning, 03/10. It was very light and I stopped this morning. This is unusual for me as I usually have heavy periods. That is why I was prescribed NuvaRing, to help very heavy bleeding. I had the Nuva in for about 3 years with no week free that whole time. Is this why my period was so light? I am 46, will be 47 in September of this year and wonder if it could be the start of menopause. Thanks for any info!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Missjennifer1966,
Alas, I need to give you a very un-definitive answer. The main reason that birth control pills, or the NuvaRing work well for heavy periods is that they have a good amount of synthetic progesterone in them: and this progesterone keeps the lining of the uterus thin, and keeps a lot of lining of the uterus from building up. (so that's why I think you had a light period). So the question is what is going to happen now? I don't know. it is possible you might even be done with the menopause transition (it's possible)-or you could be perimenopausal. If in a month or so you do not get a period, check in with your health care provider about getting your blood tested for estradiol and and FSH level; these will give you a reasonable idea as to where you are in the transition phase. If you are not fully menopausal and go back to getting crazy periods, you could go back to the Nuva ring.
So we all have to "stay tuned"
Good luck,
Mary Jane
missjennifer1966 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank you!!

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